Rachel Katz

Years at BR: 2002-2013, 6 years as a camper and 6 years on staff as a CIT, AC, Counselor and Director

Now: I am currently a veterinary student at the University of Pennsylvania. I plan on pursuing a career in small animal medicine.

How BR has influenced you: Although I didn’t know it at the time, my summers at Black River Farm and Ranch would spark a lifelong passion for animals and provide a solid foundation for my entry into veterinary medicine. I began Black River as a shy, nine-year-old that knew virtually nothing about horses but was excited to learn. For five more summers, I returned as a camper increasing my skills as a rider and a horsewoman. On my 16th birthday, I received an invitation to be on staff. The following six years I rose through the ranks from counselor-in-training to program director. I learned responsibility and confidence all while fostering my interest in animals. I always loved animals but it was my summers at Black River that taught me the joys, hardships, and rewards that come with working with animals.

After graduation, I still was unsure of what profession I wanted to pursue, I returned to New Orleans and quickly found a job to support myself. I looked back at what made me feel fulfilled and happy and realized for me, the most meaningful moments were working at Black River. My time at BR gave me the confidence to return to school and take my remaining prerequisites to apply to veterinary school.