Imagine going to the pasture to bring in your horse, grooming and saddling him, riding him through sunlit fields and wooded trails.

Then spending your afternoon jumping on the trampolines and having a picnic at the Outback. You can try your hand at tennis, camp crafts, boating on Lake Lorely, bottle feeding a new calf and/or baby goat. Also, wonderful farm food, swimming in the beautiful pool that is heated and shaped liked a horse head, girl talk in the bunk house after lights out and hikes along the wooded bank of the river.

Typical Daily Schedule at BR

Each day is packed with activities. We believe it is important for you to have a balance of scheduled activities or lessons and free play time. Our daily schedule incorporates both.

Each morning at 8am the whole camp meets for flag and morning announcements. Then we break into our riding groups and go to the barn and/or breakfast. We eat breakfast with our riding groups. The group who ate first then tacks up their horses and has their mounted lessons first while the other ½ of the girls have ground lessons, vaulting and barn chores. We switch at 10:30. Every morning we have a 1 ½ hour riding lesson.

After morning lessons we go to our cabins and wash up quickly and get ready for lunch. We eat lunch with our cabin groups. After lunch we have a state mandated 1 hour rest period. You do have to be in your bunks but you can read or do a quiet activity you do not have to sleep.

Free Time is at 2:00. All the activities are staffed and you can choose what you want to do. That means you can go to the pool every afternoon for the whole afternoon, you may choose the barn to hang out with the horses, or you may want to try to stop by all the activities but you get to make the choices. 

At dinnertime the whole camp gathers to take down the flag and after dinner we have a camp wide night activity which is an organized activity or game. Then we grab a snack at the treat store and then head back to the bunkhouse to get ready for bed. Lights out start at 9 pm for the youngest campers and get later for older campers.  

Basic Horsemanship

  • Grooming
  • Handling
  • Saddling
  • Bridling
  • Health Care
  • Basic Training

Horseback Riding Skills

Camper will have a 1.5 hour mounted lesson each morning. Groups are divided by ability and taught by certified riding instructors. Campers will have the opportunity to riding different horses each day. Our lesson style is fun and relaxed. Campers can advance through the riding levels at their own pace as they master each set of skills. The   

  • Basic Seat
  • Walk, Trot & Canter
  • Collection and Extension
  • Bareback
  • Drill Team Exercises
  • Western Games
  • Western Patterns
  • Trail Obstacles and more

Trail Riding

Each camper will have the opportunity to go on a trail ride while they are at camp. The BR has many different trails you can experience. We have farm trails, open fields and of course a deep dark forest!  


Vaulting was introduced into our riding program in the 1980’s as the sport gained popularity in California. Vaulting was developed in Europe as a way to introduce children to horses. Modern vaulting is best described as is gymnastics on horseback and can be used to help riders develop balance and confidence. We give lessons in the morning and if the girls like they can join the vaulting club in the afternoon.

Water Sports

  • Swimming in the pool 
  • Kayaking, Paddle Boats, and Paddle Boarding on the lake

Arts & Crafts

The craft barn is the place to create and design. Of course we have the camp favorite lanyard, beads, glue, paint, tie dye, and so much more. Sometimes we bring the outdoors in and often times we bring our art outdoors.

Field Games & Trampolines

  • Archery
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Tetherball
  • and more!

Camp Fires & Cookouts

We open and close each session with a camp wide campfire ceremony. Younger campers will have S’mores around the fire and older campers will have the choice of a cabin sleep-outs. In the 2 week sessions the campers who are eligible to be staff the following year (16 by June 1st) celebrate their final year as campers by going on their own trail ride sleep out adventure with their staff. They spend one night camping and have two meals over the camp fire where they set up camp, care for their horses, and spend the night under the stars.

Small Animals

Our small animal yard is a great place to experience hands on learning by visiting our farm raised calves, sheep, goats, pigs, bunnies, chickens, mini horses, donkeys. You might also meet a few other less common animals we rescue or give a forever home to.

Night Activities

Each evening after dinner we have a camp wide activity. Here are a few of the classics:

  • Counselor Hunt
  • Survivor Night
  • Dutch Auction
  • Primp my Horse Dress Up
  • Carnival 
  • Airband
  • Beach Party
  • What’s Your Bag Skits
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Line Dancing
  • Talent Show