learn to handle horses with confidence, maintain a balanced seat, and build your horsemanship skills at the BR • from first timers to experienced riders, our riding program has something for everyone


if you’re gonna ride, you should know something about horses

We know that being a horsewoman is about way more than just riding. From barn chores to tacking up and everything in-between, our staff teach our campers to be horsewoman, not just horseback riders. With daily Horse Talks (30 min hands-on interactive lectures) and regular ground lessons on Horsemanship, your girl will leave camp loving our horses as much as we do and with the knowledge to effectively care for a horse.

  • Grooming
  • Handling and leading with confidence
  • Saddling & bridling
  • Veterinary care including anatomy, common illness and injury, feed, and medicine
  • Basic training and groundwork
  • Identifying breeds, colors, and markings


Campers will have a 1.5 hour mounted lesson each morning. Groups are divided by ability and taught by certified riding instructors. Campers will have the opportunity to ride different horses each day. Our lesson style is fun, relaxed, and safe. We are focused on building a balanced seat and all the foundational aspects of riding. Campers can advance through the riding levels at their own pace as they master each set of skills. As they move up they get the opportunity to ride progressively more difficult horses, helping them become more experienced and well-rounded riders.

  • Basic seat
  • Walk, trot & canter
  • Collection and extension
  • Bareback
  • Drill team exercises
  • Western games
  • Western patterns
  • Trail obstacles and more!
Riding Lesson
Trail Ride


Each camper will have the opportunity to go on a trail ride while they are at camp. The BR has many different trails you can experience. We have farm trails, open fields and of course a deep dark forest!  


Vaulting was introduced into our riding program in the 1980s as the sport gained popularity in California. Vaulting was developed in Europe as a way to introduce children to horses. Modern vaulting is best described as is gymnastics on horseback and can be used to help riders develop balance and confidence. We give lessons in the morning and if the girls like they can join the vaulting club in the afternoon.


One of our most popular afternoon activities, halter class, gives the girls an opportunity to love and care for a horse of their choosing. From grooming, to snuggling, to reading books to their horse, halter class gives campers the opportunity to form an incredibly strong connection to their horse.

Meet our horses!



“a horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care. Put your hand on your horse and your heart in your hand” – Pat Parelli

Natural Horsemanship is a horse training technique that is centered around treating horses with kindness. It helps individuals build rapport and connect with their horse. Our NH program is focused on learning the essential skills and safety aspects of working with horses on the ground. Our primary goal is for both handler and horse to have fun and build confidence. Campers learn Natural Horsemanship techniques during morning rotations and have the opportunity to join the Natural Horsemanship Club during afternoon activities.


Our counselors are trained in safety procedures and instructional techniques specific to our camp programs before camp begins each summer. They are CHA certified and supervised by our leadership team. 

Riding Instructors
Miss Chessie