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When I saw her on her horse at the show, she looked like a poised, confidant young lady. Something ‘clicked’ with her at BR. I find the BR experience to be everything I wanted my daughter to get from a summer camp. Superb!

My daughter had the best experience in her riding lessons in all her years coming to BR. She simply adored Miss Chessie and only had positive things to say. 

I could see a big improvement in her confidence at the horse show. She picked up on posting. Sometimes another instructor explains things differently (and better!) than Mom. My daughter is encouraged and wants to continue her lessons at home.

Our daughter seems to have made giant leaps in her riding this year and we can only imagine it will get better.

She understands a lot about how to take care of a horse now, not just about riding a horse which is so important too!

She had a great time and looked awesome on her horse!

She loved it and was so proud of herself!

She grows every year as a rider and a horsewoman.




For me, this was the most important and rewarding aspect of sending my daughter to camp. She came out of the experience with an increased sense of confidence that is priceless. The camp experience appears to have been a really important and memorable experience for her. I feel that the quality of her life benefited tremendously from the camp experience. This was her first camp experience, and first time around horses. She loved it and we spent almost the entire drive home talking about it. My expectations in of the experience for her were met in every way.

Annie was such a delight when she got home. Very chatty, kind, maybe a little tired. I also think the break from technology and social media, etc. is SO wonderful. And the fact it is all girls and young women at similar stages in life, I think that is so great for her to be around.

You continue to make each year incredible despite whatever crazy things happen (pandemic)! This is a huge accomplishment of which you should all be very proud. My daughter thinks of camp as home away from home and continues to build amazing friendships with both her camper friends and staff. BR is a magical place!

I would like to thank you for the beautiful work you do for children. you are an example of dedication, respect, organization. so happy that our daughter is part of the summer campers.

Thank you for providing this place for my daughter to grow, gain skills, learn about herself, as well as, and horses. I love the respect and lessons developed. I love the daily routine and expectations of campers. I love the daily flag raise/lowering. Thank you

She has not stopped talking about camp since she left. Thank you!

A beautiful, well-cared for facility. Clean, interesting, and fun.

I love the fact that she has a choice in the afternoon. She truly loves the small animals barn and I thought it was a great way to get my city girl into a more caring mode with animals.

My daughter use to be very shy and reserved. BR has given her increased self-esteem and now she routinely raises her hand in class and is more outgoing.

Food is always excellent, and the grounds are always clean and neat.

The camp always looks clean and my daughter always comes home liking new foods. Thank you!


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The staff members at the BR are wonderful. I am constantly impressed with what I see of them as well as what my daughter shares with me after she leaves camp. She is looking forward to being a CIT next summer.

My daughter spoke a lot about how much she loved Miss Moo (Molly) and Miss Bella. She really loved them and was so happy to be a Ranger. She had an amazing 2 weeks – loved her Cabin and had the best summer yet! She went to bed sobbing that night that she wasn’t at camp and missed everyone and the horses.

It sounds like the counselors set a fun, collaborative tone for the group!

The staff all seem very helpful and dedicated to the well-being of the girls.

Amazing CIT and counselors

I always only hear great things about the counselors.

Staff are incredible. Miss Anja stands out as a great leader and role model


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