A camp is only as good as it’s staff and BR has the BEST!

Our staff knows how important the experiences at Black River Farm and Ranch are to a young girl and how the memories they are making at camp will last a lifetime because they were once BR girls! The BR is unique in that we give each camper has the opportunity to come back as a staff member. If during their last year as a camper they can prove they are ready to be a good role model, hard worker, and have a positive attitude we invite them back to be a Counselor in Training. Our Counselor in Training program is for girls who are 16 years old and ready for the responsibility of assisting in the cabins, riding rings, and dining hall. CIT’s have the opportunity to come back as Assistant Counselors when they are 17 years old. AC’s are the counselors’ right hand ladies. They assist the counselors and learn the ropes as they prepare to become cabin counselors and riding instructors the next year.

Our counselors are an outstanding group of ladies who are BR girls, college students or graduates, positive role models, horsewomen, hardworking, understanding, kind, unique, fun, and ready take on the challenge of inspiring young girls. Our staff is critical to our success and we believe that they are the best at what they do.

Staff Forms

Staff applications can be found in the staff portal. Please upload completed staff forms to your online profile once a position has been offered to you.

The paperwork necessary for staff is provided below. These documents are available in Adobe® .pdf format. You may obtain the .pdf reader at no charge from here.

Please contact the staff manager if you have any questions.

The forms packet explains what each staff person must complete based on their position. Forms must be completely filled out and require signatures from the staff member, parents, medical doctor, and school (CIT Work Permit). Please double check to ensure all signatures and witness signatures are complete before submitting.  

BR Camp Guide for  Program Staff

Staff Forms

Tax Form Links

New employees must fill out all four forms. Returning employees must submit new forms if they would like to make a change to filing information.

New Hire Forms

Why Work at Camp?

  • Working at BR is the hardest job you will ever love and never forget!
  • This is not your average summer job or internship. Working at BR is SO MUCH MORE!
    The benefits of being a camp counselor are not the paycheck (we know that is not why we do it) The camp experience is invaluable and will help you develop skills that will enhance your marketability. Whether you are applying to college or for a job in your professional life experience at camp translates to excellent management and personal skills. At BR you will: 

    • Create a significant and positive impact in a child’s life
    • Build a lifetime network of friends and colleagues
    • Gain practical experience to further your education
    • Earn possible internship credit. Check with your college advisor to see if you qualify.
    • Develop and practice hands on leadership skills
    • Grow in self-confidence
    • Build an impressive resume by learning
      • To communicate more effectively
      • Decision making & problem solving critical thinking
      • To work as part of a team
      • How to manage others effectively
      • Behavior management skills
      • Planning and organization skills
      • Coaching and teaching techniques
  • As a result of working at camp, each staff member will be better prepared to handle life’s stepping stones and stumbling blocks with flexibility and determination at school, home, work, and in their community.