Jessica (Rundels) Rogers

Years at BR: 4-year camper (1984-1987) CIT, JC and Counselor Currently, I am employed at Ford Motor Company as the US Sales and Marketing Manager for Accessories and Performance Parts. Prior to working at Ford, I spent over 18 years at General Motors in a variety of positions. I attained a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Oakland University and MSA from Central Michigan University. My career has given me the opportunity to work in numerous areas with Ford and GM from Engineering and Supply Chain to Marketing and Advertising. My last job at GM was to manage marketing strategies for the Chevrolet Colorado in order to hit monthly sales targets and to approve all consumer-facing messaging from an advertising standpoint (Digital, Social, Print, Out of Home, TV, etc.) My current role at Ford allows me to work with the US Ford and Lincoln Dealer bodies to grow vehicle personalization sales with customers – the fun part of buying a new car or truck!   How has BR influenced me? I firmly believe that I would not be the person that I am today without BR. From a professional standpoint, Mr. D taught me dignity, respect, hard work and a “can do” attitude. He taught me the value of being on time, truly listening when people are talking to you and attention to detail. Three things that are actually VERY hard to find in today’s workplace with the endless distractions of laptops, cell phones, and social media. From a personal standpoint, I learned how to truly be friends with women. How to support each other, respect each other, lift each other up and debate each other with regard for one another’s feelings. Working in the auto business is a tough place for women. It’s still very much a man’s world and unfortunately, women are not always taught how to support each other in a way to help more women have a seat at the table. Instead, the appearance of jealousy, backstabbing, and unhealthy competition runs all too rampant. I try to teach women that I work with to celebrate each other, empower each other, and support each other’s achievements and gifts. My BR friendships have gotten me through the rough road of life and I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. I still wear my BR ring every day and have occasionally been stopped in a meeting and asked “Oh my gosh, you’re a BR girl!” Yep. I am. With pride. 
Dec 2018 Newsletter