Marnie (Galbraith) Rossow

Years at BR: 1989-1992 as a Camper and then a CIT in 1993 and AC in 1994
Now: I am a speech-language pathologist and a mother of 3. Our girls are also BR girls. I am so fortunate to get to see my daughters love the BR as much as I did!

How BR has influenced you: lack River taught me my very best work ethic skills to this day. I remember respecting Mr. and Mrs. D and the process of being a staff member to the highest level. To this day I am always at least 5 minutes early, I answer that “I am well, thank you” not “I am good” when someone asks me how I am doing. I look people in the eye and smile when spoken to.

I learned when to be a team member and when to be a leader. I learned that grit is the one thing that would separate me from others in my career because that was the standard at the BR. Even when a horse kicked you off you got back in the horse (at camp and in life)! My grit was learned as both a camper and a staff member. I also learned the value of lifelong friendships.

Fun Fact: Spunky the deer was my deer until we donated it to camp!