BR Summer 2022

Are You Ready For Camp?


All participants will need to complete a pre-screening form for 7 days prior to arrival and a COVID-19 test on the day of arrival. Please see the updated COVID-19 Plan linked below for more details.

         Link to Mother-Daughter Retreat Pre-Screening Form
         Link to Camper Session Pre-Screening Form


    • Are looking for packing information, how to send mail to your camper, drop off or pick up information, questions about dropping of camper medications… It’s all here in the BR Parent’s Guide. 

Mother-Daughter Retreats:

    • Click Here for the retreat schedule and packing list. 

Order BR Summer Camp gear and receive it at check-in. 

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    • If your camper is attending a session at the begging of the summer, we ask that you get your orders in as soon as possible so the items arrive in time for your session.
Link to Covid-19 Plan for 2022 - UPDATED 6/7/2022

Does Your Riding Helmet Fit?

Each camper must have an  ASTM/ SEI certified riding helmet. Helmet are available for rent or purchase at check-in.

The cost to rent is $10 per week or retreat. 

What to Expect on Check-in Day

Although this video was filmed in 2020 the check-in process is still very similar. COVID did bring a few changes that families really liked and so kept the new check-in day drop-off procedures.


Packing For Camp

Each camper will have a set of 5 cubbies for storing clothes and bathroom items. The cubie dimensions are 15″ wide and 11.5″ tall – some campers bring storage cubes to help them stay organized.
There is room under the bed to store your suitcase/duffel or a storage container. It is 9.5″ from the floor to the bed rail.

Quick Tips:

  1. Label everything! We love Mabels Labels.
  2. Send a laundry bag.
  3. Use show caddies to corral toiletries.
  4. Keep outfits together by putting items in a zip-lock bag labeled for each day or roll the items together.
  5. We recommend that you send pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelopes with your child. 
  6. Break-in new shoes/boots before camp.
Packing List

Mail Call! 

  • Mail is distributed daily, except for Sunday. If service is late in the day, the delivery may not happen until the next day.
  • Please limit care packages larger than an envelope to once or twice a session.
  • You can drop off a few letters for your camper at check-in; label them with the camper’s name, cabin, and the date you would like them to be delivered.
  • We have a small area to store mail. Please keep drop-offs to small or large envelopes.
  • Items must be packaged and sealed as if the postal service was delivering them. We will not accept gift bags and unsealed bags.
  • We do have a paid email service provided by an outside company. Click below for more information about Bunk1.