What to Expect at BR Summer 2021 – Alumni Weekend

Update 4/22/21 – Based on the feedback from the survey mentioned in this email most attendees plan to be fully vaccinated before the event. We will continue to monitor the requirements of the state but plan to have COVID-19 testing in place upon arrival if necessary and will wear masks when required.

March, 2021

Dear BR Girls, 

Summer is approaching quickly and we are busy planning and preparing. Who would have thought we would still be planning for pandemic precautions a year ago, not me! Camper sessions are full, and plans are being finalized. An update is posted in the camp news section of our website. If you’re interested here is a link. https://www.blackriverfarmandranch.com/camp-news/ 

Now for Alumni Weekend! You are registered and scheduled to attend Alumni Weekend at BR June 4th – 6th, 2021. Everyone’s attendance rolled over from 2020 to 2021, so we have a full house of 139 BR girls scheduled to attend. 

As we plan for the weekend and navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like your input on your comfort level with the safety measures in place. The Alumni Weekend Crew are not traditionally known for their physical distancing, and since the feelings of individuals on COVID-19 precautions run the spectrum we want to be as informed as possible. Please fill out the short survey on Google Forms to ensure we fulfill our BR motto of BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN.

We also want to ensure that everyone knows that we have to have some mask and physical distance rules in place. Our staff will keep physical distance from all attendees, and may also be required to mask in an effort to make sure we are safe and ready for staff orientation to begin. This plan is subject to change as the state of Michigan is due to update the recommendations and requirements at the end of April. 

We do plan to hold 2022 Alumni Weekend as traditionally scheduled for even years. Anyone who is not comfortable attending this summer, may rollover tuition to 2022. If for any reason we have to cancel the weekend, you will have the option of a refund or rollover. 

If you need to cancel, we understand and appreciate your patience during this time. Please use this  2021 Session Cancellation Form

Another option if you are not comfortable with attending the June weekend is booking a small, private fall weekend. To book these weekends you would cancel for June and then pick a “Head Counselor” to book, coordinate and communicate for your group. These retreats would be more of a property rental with meals and trail rides (if possible) tailored to the group. If you have a group that likes this option please contact us for more information. 

Most importantly we want you to know that we are honored that BR is still a place you look forward to returning to, and that the friendships you made at camp have endured. Taking time to travel and reconnect with old camp friends is not something most people can do. These Alumni Weekends remind us how much value the unique summer camp experience has for campers and why it is so important. LKH

Good riding always, 

Katy Scott

Link to the Registration Portal to make payments, complete forms, and upload your forms.