What to Expect at BR Summer 2021

July 2021 Update

Link to the Updated BR Guide for 2021 with Covid-19 Addendum – This link is updated as changes are made

Link to the BR Guide for 2021

Link to Vaccination / Testing Form for Campers

Link to 2021 BR Pre-Health Screening


July 1st, 2021 change to the mask requirement at camp. We will no longer require campers to wear a face-covering in the dining hall. We will however continue to keep distance between people and dining tables for campers in different herds. Campers and staff can choose to wear masks at any time. We have disposable masks available for anyone who would like one.


March 2021

Dear Parents and BR Girls, 

What a wild ride this last year has been for all of us! At BR, we are busy planning summer 2021 while we navigate the latest guidelines from the American Camping Association and government agencies. We want to share some anticipated changes with you to ensure everyone is fully aware of what to expect. Our program will run with COVID precautions in place. We will continually adapt, and hopefully, loosen restrictions as we are able. Last summer we were able to run a successful and healthy program with small changes that minimized the risk of COVID. We learned a lot, kept our staff and campers safe, and look forward to using what we learned to make even more improvements this summer.

Please review the changes below to ensure you are clear and comfortable with what to expect.

The final day for cancellations with a full refund is March 31st.

Anticipated Changes Summer 2021: 


  • We cannot pick up campers from the airport due to pre-screening requirements. 
  • Campers will be required to pre-screen and we anticipate requiring all campers to be tested with a viral COVID-19 test 1-5 days before you arrive at camp with strict distancing after the test has been taken. A negative test result would need to be provided at check-in. 
  • Please do not plan to attend large gatherings the week before arriving at camp. 
  • All families must be available, or have a plan in place, to pick up a camper within 24 hours of symptom onset.
  • Currently, all camp staff is included in the 1B category for vaccination and should be eligible to be vaccinated prior to the start of our season.

Camper Drop Off:  

  • Drop-off procedures that limit contact between parents, staff, and other campers will work as they did last summer.
    • Check-in times will be assigned in advance by cabin. A sign for your car’s windshield with your campers name, cabin, and assigned check-in time will be emailed to you. 
    • Check-in and arrival health screenings will take place in your car via a drive-thru style. 
    • Parents will be able to exit the car to unload luggage and hug campers goodbye, but will not be allowed in the bunkhouses or to walk around camp. 
    • Please do not arrive more than a few minutes early. There will be a small holding area for cars that arrive before their scheduled check-in time. 
    • Bunks will be chosen by a popsicle stick lottery. If campers need a bottom bunk for a specific reason please call or email in advance.
  • New BR families can watch virtual tours of the camp buildings online to get familiar with the layout before arrival.

Camper Pick-up: 

  • Horseshows: Although not traditional full shows, we plan to divide campers into riding rings and stagger pick-up times so that all families are able to see their campers ride.
  • Luggage pick-up at the cities: We will use the same system as last summer as long as we can ensure the safety of cars and walkers moving around camp at the same time. 

Dining Hall Procedures: 

  • Meals will be served in two shifts to reduce the indoor dining capacity, similar to how we have eaten breakfast in the past. 
  • Procedures to limit touching of trays, water pitchers, condiments etc. will continue.
  • Campers will use the new handwashing station and one entrance (poolside) to enter the Dining Hall. All other doors will be Exit Only.
  • Decals on the benches will help campers spread out at the tables during meals. 
  • Outside dining tables will be available. 

Operating in Small Groups: 

  • Our bunkhouses, which we call cities, are divided in half with 2 cabins and 1 bathroom per half. Each half of the city will operate as a pod or family here at camp and be called “Herds”. Each herd will have approximately 25 people including campers and staff.
  • If at some point in the summer, we feel it is safe, we may be able to make those groups/herds larger.
  • Campers will eat and do activities with their herds.Groups/herds will physically distance with other groups/herds at camp or they will wear masks when they are in close proximity. 

Cabin Requests: 

  • Campers will be grouped by age, grade, and cabin request. This will remain the same as it has been in the past. We will be honoring mutual requests only. 
  • As campers get older the variety of ages in a cabin begins to narrow. As part of our leadership program, we try to keep all final year campers (15 before June 1) in the same cabin. 
  • To make, change or review a cabin request log in to the reservation portal and  click on “View Details” for your  2021 session.  Cabin requests are made in the Camper Profile form. 
    • To make a request you can complete your form  in the forms section.
    • To review your request if it has already been submitted, you can select “Download Printable Registration Confirmation.” 
    • If you need to change a request please contact the office and we can reopen the form. 


  • Afternoon Activities will be scheduled for groups/herds. There will be 2 – 3 activity options per zone. We hope to increase the options and freedom, to move more towards our traditional free time set up as it is deemed safe.
  • Night Activities will also be within the herds. If we can combine groups it will only be for outdoor activities where physical distancing can be maintained.


  • Three different areas will be set up. One for medication distribution, one for campers who are not feeling well but do not have COVID -19 related symptoms, and one for quarantine of campers who are waiting to be picked up. 
  • Last summer, most medications were delivered directly to campers at meal times, to avoid campers waiting at the Infirmary. If your camper would prefer to take her medication in a private area, please let us know. 
  • Later this spring we will share a specific plan developed with our Camp Doctor. It will outline how we test symptomatic campers, quarantine requirements and directions for leaving camp. 
  • All families must be available, or have a plan in place, to pick up a camper within 24 hours of symptom onset.
  • AAP suggests that “families should discuss with their pediatrician whether a camp is appropriate for their children and make sure children are up to date on vaccines before they attend.”  Campers who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 and should consult with their physician before attending camp this summer. 

Camper and Health Screenings:

  • Pre- Camp Screening:
    • COVID-19 symptom monitoring and temperature log for 7-10 days.  
    • We ask that campers limit their exposure to others by self quarantining or be very cautious while social distancing the week before arrival. 
    • We anticipate requiring all campers to be tested with a viral COVID-19 test 1-5 days before you arrive at camp with strict distancing after the test has been taken. A negative test result would need to be provided at check-in. 
  • Arrival Screening:
    • Campers will have their temperatures checked upon arrival. Any camper with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will not be allowed to check into camp.
    • We will ask both the parents and the camper about COVID symptoms and collect pre-screening forms.
    • We will also do the regular medication and visual wellness check of each camper.
  • On-Going Screenings:
    • We may perform temperature checks each morning and at bedtime each evening. 
    • If it will provide the opportunity to significantly loosen the requirement for physical distancing or masking we will consider having campers take a second test on Day 5 in a 2-week session. We will work with our medical supply company to provide a test that is affordable, dependable, easily administered. This cost would be charged to the campers treat store account. 

Masks and Face Coverings:

  • Campers should pack a mask/face covering for each day of their sessions.  Any camper or staff person who would like to wear a face-covering at any time may do so. As we get closer to summer we will provide more information on when face covering will be necessary at camp. 

Riding Group Placement:

  • Riding Groups: Restricting the riding group placement to the “herd” was very limiting for our riders and instructors. We may choose to divide the groups differently and mask when we are in close proximity. 

BR Refund & Cancellation Policy:

  • All deposits and tuition are fully refundable until March 31st. 
  • After April 1st, deposits are no longer refundable.
  • After June 1st, deposits and tuition are non-refundable. Deposit and tuition payments may be transferred to a new session in the current season if available.
  • Within two weeks of the session start date, deposits and tuition monies are not refundable or transferable.
  • Cancellation due to injury/illness (with a physician’s note) can be rolled over to another session for the current season or for the next year.
  • If for any reason BR has to cancel your session you will be offered the option to rollover to the same session in 2022 or a full refund. 

If you need to cancel, we understand and appreciate your patience during this time. Please use this  2021 Session Cancellation Form

Forms and final Tuition payments are due no later than June 1st: 

  1. Final Tuition payments are due June 1st. If you choose to schedule payments during registration these payments will show on your invoice as status “pending”. If you need to change your credit card please email the office and we can assist you in making that change. 
  2. A current Camper Physicals, found here in Camper Forms, must be submitted prior to June 1st. If you are waiting on a scheduled Doctor’s appointment please email us and let us know when your appointment is scheduled so we can make a note. Telemedicine appointments are an easy, acceptable option. A current physical means that the camper has had a physical with a year of the check-in date.  Many physicians will complete the physical form based on a previous visit or you can ask for a sports physical form and attach it to our form. 
  3. The Camper Health History Form is available online in the registration portal. You will need medical history and vaccination records to complete this form. It is mandatory. 

Link to the Registration Portal to make payments, complete forms, and upload your physical.

If you need to request a session change, please use the 2021 Session Change Form. At this time only the 3rd session, July 4 – 17th, has availability. 

Please stay tuned to email updates from BR regarding your reservation. In the past we have sent you a packet of camper forms and a parent handbook. Because this season is susceptible to changes, all forms, documents and updates will be sent digitally.

Thank you for taking the time to review this information. Please call or email the office with any questions you may have regarding camp this summer. We will continue to send email and post updates as needed. Updates are also posted in the CAMP NEWS page on our website. We are excited to see you at camp this summer! 

Stay Well & Good Riding Always, 

Katy Scott 

Black River Farm and Ranch